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Simple maintenance

Thalya is the dentist’s latest ally for effective maintenance of rotary instruments. Simple and userfriendly, it allows perfect lubrication and purging of turbines and handpieces. To start using the machine just connect to the compressed air feed and the power supply.

Maintenance plus hygiene

The importance of handpiece and turbine maintenance.

Crucial tools for any dentist, these instruments also represent one of the biggest cross-contamination risks. When one of these rotating devices slows down or stops, a back-siphoning effects can suck liquids inside the ducts. Hence the need to perform cleaning, disinfection, lubrication and, lastly, sterilisation every single time they’re used. This procedure is also essential for maintaining instrument quality. A poorly maintained handpiece is often subject to breakdowns and accelerated wear.

Lubrication and purge of 4 instruments in less than a minute


Lubrication and purge of 4 instruments in less than a minute

The Thalya cycle consists of three stages:

  • Duct purge
  • Lubrication
  • Excess oil purge

The 4 instruments are treated simultaneously, the entire  cycle lasting about 55 seconds.

Thalya have been designed to streamline work flows. The couplings can rotate 45 , making it easier to place and remove the instruments.

Simple, user-friendly control pad

The Thalya control pad makes interaction with the machine immediate and intuitive. Moreover, users can personalise the duration of the different cycle stages.

Universal lubricant housing

Thalya is designed to house any lubricant can (from 200 to 500 ml). Operators are free to choose the most suitable one for their handpieces. Maximum flexibility ensures optimal results in every situation.

Plug & Play


Plug & Play

To start using the machine immediately just connect it to the compressed air feed and the power supply, then insert the lubricant can.

Cleaning the spindle

Thanks to a special support, the spindle can also be treated; this ensures all dust and dirt residues are removed from the handpiece tip.

Device hygiene

Innovative design and the characteristics of the treatment compartment ensure complete, perfect sanitization. The front hatch and the liquid collection tray can be removed to allow thorough machine cleaning.