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Tethys H10 Plus

The Evolution of Disinfection

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Mocom: premium autoclaves for safe sterilization

Mocom autoclaves for sterilization, thermal disinfectors, ultrasonic tanks and medical devices provide dental surgeries with the reliability of a premium brand that offers outstanding performance and cutting-edge sterilization technology. The best autoclave is one that will simplify work cycles within a dental surgery practically, quickly and effectively, making everyday work easier for dentists, dental hygienists and lab assistants.

Mocom dental autoclaves enjoy an excellent reputation as premium solutions for the sterilization of pliers, medical instruments, dental equipment and other health sector materials, ensuring they can all be safely reused thanks to perfect microbe and spore sterilization. Investing in a Mocom sterilization autoclave or thermal disinfector means guaranteeing every patient’s safety via the proper sterilization of every single instrument, ensuring infallible protection against risk of infection. Invest in new, reliable, safe medical equipment: learn more about thermal disinfectors or autoclaves for the disinfection and sterilization of dental instruments.