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Reshaping the sterilization world

With its unrivalled low consumption, Supreme is the new market benchmark.

B Futura

Upgrading the best

Designed to make your life easier, reduce costs and guarantee higher efficiency. Equipped with advanced connectivity and traceability systems, Futura raises the bar further up in the sterilization world.

B Classic

Complete reliability

Designed to ensure maximum safety and reliability standards, cycle after cycle.

Tethys H10 Plus

The Evolution of Disinfection

Designed to give you the best. The best performance in a simple and fast work-flow.
An innovative device that replaces the numerous manual tasks typical of the stages preceding sterilization, thus reducing the operator’s workloads.
Tethys H10 Plus makes the instrument reconditioning process even simpler and more functional.


Hygiene takes centre stage

The thermal disinfectors in the Tethys series ensure, completely automatically, perfect instrument cleaning and outstanding levels of disinfection; at the same time they ensure complete operator protection and the elimination of any procedural errors. Both 45 cm (Tethys T45) and 60 cm (Tethys D60/T60) versions are available, allowing these thermal disinfectors to be installed underneath work surfaces easily and fitted into a broad range of sterilization area layouts without difficulty. Available in 3 versions.

Millseal+ Evo

Safety and Efficiency.

The automatic thermal sealer that shortens packaging times.
Millseal+ Evo stands out on account of its compact linear design, outstanding user-friendliness and fully automatic preparation control. After setting the length and the number of pouches you wish to prepare, just press the relative “Programme” key to start the automatic procedure. A practical keypad lets users control the various functions, all identified by easy-to-understand icons.

Millseal+ Manual

Millseal+ Manual, essential and reliable.

Millseal+ Manual offers ergonomic, functional design, making it a must in any surgery. Indicator lights and warning beeps allow effective monitoring of correct thermal sealer performance. Like its automatic counterpart, this manual version ensures a sealing band that is actually in excess of legal requirements. Practicality and simplicity, providing all the safety you need.

Millseal Rolling

Technological power.

Innovative medical-grade solutions.
Fast and flawless, Millseal Rolling is a roller-type thermal sealer with an automatic photocell-controlled feed system that offers performance above and beyond expectations. Outstanding technology ensures a fast, efficient, automatic procedure and perfect sealing even with the bulkiest instruments.

Thalya Plus

Total maintenance

Thalya PLUS is designed to automate rotary instrument maintenance. An all-in-one cycle includes cleaning, disinfection, lubrication, purge and drying.


Simple maintenance

Thalya is the dentist’s latest ally for effective maintenance of rotary instruments. Simple and userfriendly, it allows perfect lubrication and purging of turbines and handpieces. To start using the machine just connect to the compressed air feed and the power supply.

Tethys HMD

Revolutionary Evolution

Thanks to the new HMD, Tethys H10 is now also a handpiece thermal disinfector


Digital Virtual Assistant

Di.V.A. stands for Digital Virtual Assistant. It is the first cloud-based control and traceability system for MOCOM sterilization devices.
Once saved, data will be available for operators by accessing a dedicated web page. Di.V.A. allows you to:

Get access to tutorial videos
Display the executed cycles
Check machine efficiency and status
Read the machine usage statistics
Monitor the frequency of sterilization tests


Thermal disinfection detergents