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Millseal Rolling

Technological power.
Millseal Rolling

Innovative medical-grade solutions.
Fast and flawless, Millseal Rolling is a roller-type thermal sealer with an automatic photocell-controlled feed system that offers performance above and beyond expectations. Outstanding technology ensures a fast, efficient, automatic procedure and perfect sealing even with the bulkiest instruments.

Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

With medical-grade quality, Millseal Rolling speeds up and optimises the sealing of pre-cut pouches sealed on three sides. The 15 mm sealing multiband ensures the long-lasting sterility of packaged instruments. Thanks to temperature adjustment it is possible to achieve effective control of the sealing action, ensuring consistently high performance over time.

Automatic drive and photocell

Automatic drive and photocell

The unique characteristics of this thermal sealer allow fully automatic execution of the packaging procedure. A photocell allows precision control of automatic on-roller pouch transit.

Integrated printer

Integrated printer

Millseal Rolling can be equipped with an integrated printer that, during the sealing process, automatically prints the packaging and expiry dates on the pouch.
This lets users keep packaged material sterility under constant control.


This heat sealer offers extraordinary performance and also lets users package larger-volume instruments.

Millseal Rolling features a large display and a full range of accessories.

Support top.
The easy-to-sanitise stainless steel top makes pouch sealing even simpler. Moreover, ergonomic, minimal design provides a perfect furnishing match in any surgery.

Easy handling

Where pouches have heavier or bulkier loads, the practical roller unit aids flow, making handling easier.

Cutting system

Millseal Rolling can also be equipped with a practical sterilization pouch cutting device. This useful accessory lets users cut paper rolls to the desired length. It can be installed horizontally on the top or wall-mounted vertically.

The best performance
in a simple and fast work-flow