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Supreme - the low-consumption 100 ml/cycle closed circuit autoclave

A dedicated technology, boosting productivity and minimising water consumption cannot go unnoticed.

When we think about how to improve productivity and reduce expenses in a dental practice, we do not normally focus on the sterilization area. However, the use of sterilization devices and related consumption (in terms of electricity, water, sanitization), but also the storage of materials and products, are major items in an annual budget.

Essential equipment such as autoclaves use a considerable amount of water at each sterilization cycle, not to mention the need to always have tanks of distilled water available. Eliminating water waste is both a social and a financial commitment. And what if we could also speed up the workflow to make up for the work hours needed for human personnel to manage the process? Fortunately, technology comes to the rescue: with Supreme, this is finally possible.

Less than 5 litres of water for 50 sterilization cycles
Our range of autoclaves implements unique and innovative solutions. Our new line of dental autoclaves has been designed to allow the use of tap water. A high-end model, Supreme is the first closed-circuit autoclave that does not require distilled water thanks to the presence of an in-built demineralizer. What's more, it has a recycling filter that distils and purifies pre-used water to make it reusable. 
With just 4.5 litres of tap water, with which to fill its internal tank, Supreme can achieve 50 guaranteed sterilization cycles, completely eliminating water waste and any issue related to purchasing and storing distilled water. 

In addition to being a remarkably eco-friendly solution, our equipment is designed to rationalise the layout of dental practices, making it more accessible by avoiding the clutter caused by tanks and with significant savings obtained by cutting water costs.

This state-of-the-art technology allows users to interact through its 7” touch-sensitive display - which makes using the controls simple and highly intuitive. And the integrated WiFi allows reports of each sterilization cycle to be managed and automatically filed to the Cloud or downloaded to a USB stick.

Would you like to minimise consumption, reduce waste, speed up your work process? Supreme is what you're looking for.

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