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Mocom - for a smoother, better informed management of sterilization activities

Technologically advanced, Mocom sterilization systems make the reconditioning cycle easier through training tools available thanks to the devices' connectivity and technological content.

The importance of carefully and painstakingly carrying out all the sterilization steps of medical devices is well known and is essential to ensure everyone's well-being. In addition to being a moral obligation, it is also a legal requirement, in compliance with the laws that require the health and safety of all patients to be guaranteed. Each phase of the sterilization process must be monitored, traced and stored so that in the event of a dispute, the dentist can prove the actual fulfilment of health and safety requirements.

Which are the steps of reconditioning?

The process is divided into several phases, i.e. in this order: collection, disinfection, washing, rinsing, drying, inspection and maintenance, packaging, sterilization, traceability and storage; this is the most time-consuming process compared to other dental practice activities. In general, the dentist's assistant will take care of the process, so it is advisable and necessary to deliver accurate and constantly up-to-date assistant training. It is essential that the assistant knows how to correctly use all the equipment in the clinic.

What do we do to facilitate learning and correctly using the devices?

Within the scope of analysing and trying to solve the problems most commonly encountered by dental professionals, we propose an effective solution to respond to any doubts and uncertainties and guarantee healthy and safe use of their devices and related services. Everything is done with a view to optimising the workflow - making it faster and safer - but also to reducing energy consumption, while preserving the environment. Our main focus, however, continues to be maximum health protection. 

User-friendliness and easy access to training

Behind Mocom's approach there is the principle according to which each device must be able to simplify the work cycles in a practical and fast way, making all the staff's work easier and effective. For example, our Supreme autoclave is equipped with a 7” touch display that allows navigation between functions thanks to an intuitive interface, keeping the dental professional up-to-date as to work cycle steps.

Professional dentistry made easier by connectivity

Thanks to the integrated WiFi and with an internet connection, it is possible to access services offered by the company remotely, such as support and management and storage of reports on the Cloud, and most importantly, video-tutorials.
Mocom provides dentists with training and information videos on the operation and maintenance of the device that can be viewed directly on the display. They are extremely helpful and make the staff completely self-sufficient. They introduce, and guide through, each task step by step, ensuring full functionality, maintenance control and precise process training. In this way, Mocom manages to offer effective support for total management of the entire practice.

Download here a key document containing all the steps for correct implementation of the sterilisation protocol, to protect the health of operators and patients.