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Advanced connectivity

The H10 Revolution

Decontamination, washing, disinfection and drying all in one step, ensuring simpler, faster, more effective workflows.

Tethys H10 is Mocom’s new Hybrid Disinfector Device (H2D) that makes the instrument reconditioning process simple and practical. This innovative device carries out many of the numerous manual tasks encountered prior to sterilization, thus reducing personal workloads.

With Tethys H10 decontamination, washing, disinfection and drying are all compacted into one fast automated process.

  1. Decontamination: reduction of the bacteria count on instruments.
  2. Washing: removal of organic and inorganic residues from instruments.
  3. Thermal disinfection: reduction of the number of living microorganisms on instruments.
  4. Drying: elimination of steam in the tank and residual moisture on instruments.

Advanced connectivity

Tethys H10 makes operating data available via a standard Ethernet. This allows incoming data from several devices to be stored on a single computer without having to physically transfer it. Via the dedicated web server, incorporated in the machine firmware, users can connect up to every individual device on the network and check its status without having to move from their workstations.