Tethys H10 Plus

Tethys H10 Plus

The Evolution of Disinfection

The world of disinfection is no longer the same.
Tethys H10 Plus incorporates, in a single exclusive process, the force of water, the energy of heat and the power of ultrasound to ensure maximum safety, outstanding process speeds and ease of use.

more effective

More effective

Water, ultrasound, heat and hot air for fast and certified treatment. Tethys H10 Plus is an EN ISO 15883-1/2-certified medical device with spray washing, ultrasound cleaning action and a 90 °C thermal disinfection stage characterised by an outstanding value of A0=3,000. The procedure is completed with a stream of hot air that perfectly dries the instruments.



Everything you need, as fast as you need it A complete cycle time of just 35 minutes. Tethys H10 Plus drastically reduces washing and disinfection times, halving them with respect to those of a traditional process. Incorporating the various stages on a single device speeds up the work cycle and reduces the considerable number of manual tasks, ensuring effective use of your precious time.



Simple to use, revolutionary results. Tethys H10 Plus incorporates – in a single product – in-depth ultrasound cleaning, effective thermal disinfection and hot air drying. Just a few simple steps, which can be set up according to requirements, make the washing and disinfection process much simpler and faster.

Designed to give you the best.

The best performance in a simple and fast work-flow. An innovative device that replaces the numerous manual tasks typical of the stages preceding sterilization, thus reducing the operator’s workloads. Tethys H10 Plus makes the instrument reconditioning process even simpler and more functional.

pensato per darti il massimo

4 fasi in un unico passaggio

4 phases in one simple passage.

Single cycle, reduced times and a complete job for a simpler, faster and more effective operative flow. Tethys H10 Plus makes the reconditioning process even simpler and more functional. Decontamination, washing, thermal disinfection and drying are all performed in a single, rapid, automatic process. One cycle that eliminates all risks for the operator and efficiently completes the four phases that precede instruments’ packaging and sterilization.

The Tethys H10 PLUS evolved process.

Three partners for perfect sterilization. The three-stage reconditioning process with the Tethys H10 Plus Thermal disinfector, the Millseal+ Evo thermal sealer and B Futura sterilizer make operators’ tasks much simpler, faster and safer.

Connectivity and traceability.

Tethys H10 Plus can be perfectly integrated with the surgery’s network, allowing data to be shared and the device to be remotely controlled. Just like in all new generation devices, Tethys H10 Plus offers the possibility to be integrated with the surgery’s network. The device and its internal data can be managed remotely. Once connected to the network, assistance is also easier, with the option to remotely control the device.

Complete and compact.

All the traditional thermal disinfector features in a smaller size. Tethys H10 Plus is the table top device with everything: decalcificators, detergent reservoir, charging pump, discharging pump and Aqua-Stop. Its extremely reduced size makes it the ideal thermal disinfector for all surgeries.


Protection and safety: the added value of Tethys H10 Plus. The H10 revolution begins with its sophisticated washing and disinfection system, designed to make the process faster and more efficient. More streamlined and intuitive processes, in synergy with its unique washing process and avant garde decalcification system.

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