The perfection of sterilization

This stage, which precedes washing and disinfection, aims to reduce residue levels on instruments
Allows the removal of organic and inorganic residues from instruments. If automatic, protects operators from accidental contamination during execution of the process.
Reduces the number of living microorganisms on instruments to a level that allows subsequent handling. If automatic, protects operators from accidental contamination during execution of the process.
Allows the sterile barrier performance typical of packaged instruments to be maintained. Prevents the formation of stains or traces of oxidation.
The use of sterilization pouches creates a physical barrier that maintains sterility until the instrument is used again.
The stage of the reconditioning process in which all microorganisms still remaining after washing and disinfection are rendered inactive; makes the instruments sterile.
Ensures maintenance of the instrument sterility obtained at the end of the process.
The Mocom Hybrid Disinfection Device (H2D) that incorporates, in a single exclusive process, the force of water, the energy of heat and the power of ultrasound.
The thermal disinfectors in the Tethys series ensure, completely automatically, perfect instrument cleaning and outstanding levels of disinfection.
The ‘intelligent’ sterilizer that provides surgeries with a truly indispensable tool. Only years of research and experience can produce such an exceptional result: a product that is high-performance yet outstandingly user-friendly.
Designed to smooth and speed up user workflows: intensive lab testing, with top-quality materials and outstanding programme practicality, make this product the new sterilization industry benchmark.
The result of careful research into materials that ensure greater durability plus attentive design and extensive lab testing of components, the S Classic provides exceptional performance at a decidedly contained cost.
An efficient, easy-to-use thermal sealer that meets all your daily requirements. Available in both manual and automatic versions, Mocom thermal sealers ensure effective maintenance of instrument sterility.
Millseal+ is the high performance thermal sealer featuring innovative design and cutting-edge technology. A must-have classic.
An ergonomic, linear thermal sealer that introduces a new approach to pouch sealing in dental surgeries. Outstanding technology provides a procedure that is automatic, fast and effective.

A highly evolved process

The three partners for perfect sterilization.

The three-stage reconditioning process with the Tethys H10 Hybrid Disinfection Device, the Millseal+ Evo thermal sealer and B Futura sterilizer make operators’ tasks much simpler, faster and safer. A synergic process consisting of just a few simple steps provides unprecedented results. Mocom is revolutionising the sterilization world: a compact, fully dedicated work line to achieve unparalleled performance standards.

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